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Sherman Library & Gardens
Welcome! Sherman Library & Gardens is a unique cultural center with beautiful gardens and an extensive historical research library….it is truly one of Southern California’s hidden jewels.


Sun Garden
Seasonal array of annuals and perennials in an assortment of colors and textures. This garden is filled with dramatic combinations of classic gardens favorites and unique heirloom varieties.


Rose Garden
Stop and smell the roses, with over 27 rose varieties you’re sure to find a favorite. Let the quaint bubbling fountain and the sweet scents of this formal rose garden calm your senses.


Bromeliad Garden
Set amongst a palm canopy, the bromeliad collection shows unique survival adaptions; such as tree clinging epiphytes and water holding cups. Enjoy the variety of size, texture and color of this tropical flora.


Orchid Collection
The orchid family is the largest family of flowering plants with over 25,000 species and many hybrids. This display inside the Tropical Conservatory is constantly changing as new orchids come into bloom.


Koi Fish Pond
A lush tropical waterfall feeds into a pond filled with colorful koi. Watch the feeding frenzy as they get their afternoon snack of bananas and oranges.


Tropical Conservatory
This climate controlled conservatory houses collections of tropical palms, Anthurium, orchids, gingers, and other exotic specimen.


Central Garden
Used for private events and weddings, the seasonal display of color in this main garden is sure to impress. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon dining at the garden’s café on the adjacent sunny patio.


Fern Grotto
This shady corridor is filled with a collection of lush ferns and bizarre spikey cycads. See what primitive plants looked like during the age of dinosaurs before flowers evolved.


Perennial Garden
These showy perennials are native to the five Mediterranean climates of the world and are well suited for California’s dry summers and wet winters.


Central Patio Room Tile Mural
The tile mural was designed and executed about 1940 in a small art colony near Sao Paulo, Brazil. It depicts life in a small Brazilian coastal village during the annual Fiesta de Sao Joao.


Palm Collection
Unique palms are planted throughout the garden, however, some of our largest specimen can be seen here growing together. From this vantage point the tops of palms from other parts of the garden are visible.


Succulent Garden
Species from many plant families have adapted fleshy leaves and succulent stems to thrive in harsh environments. This beautiful display of succulents and cacti is designed with extraordinary detail; it’s not an ordinary “desert garden”!


Pepper Tree
This South American native was planted shortly after the Adobe House completion. This stately tree has developed character in its 70 years with large limbs and protruding burls.


Historial Adobe House
In the early 1940s, Lawrence and Pauline Lushbaugh designed and built, by hand, this small, fired-adboe house. The adobe is now an exhibit room used to highlight some of the Sherman Library’s special collections.


Historial Research Library
The Sherman Library is a research library with a collection focusing on the dramatic growth and transformation if the Pacific Southwest over the past one hundred and fifty years.


Tea Garden
A magical setting for a wedding; this charming patio garden is softened with delicate blooms of fuchsias, begonias, and impatiens.


Specimen Shade Garden
A lath shade house provides extra protection for tropical specimens and unusual shade plants. You’ll find unique palms, large fuchsias, and a collection of over 80 begonias.


California Native Garden
California flora grows during the moist cooler months and is dormant during the heat of the summer. Spring is the best time to view the wild flowers native to our Mediterranean climate.